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Original Scrusher w/ Removable Base

Original Scrusher w/ Removable Base

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The Scrusher® boot and shoe cleaner all but eliminates dirt, mud, grime and snow from tramping in your door.

Are you just getting back to the shop from some much needed invasive species eradication? Do you know what’s lurking in your shoe treads? Have you checked? To preserve the hard work you’ve been doing on the land, you best get yourself the Portable Scrusher® Shoe and Boot Brush. Better yet, get yourself a couple – one for all your shop entrances. Every time you get into the shop, stop just long enough to run your boots back and forth between the Scrusher’s® brushes. In next to no time, the stiff bristles will whisk away grass clippings, mud, dirt, sawdust, slush, or whatever other messy debris you’ve managed to pick up throughout the day. Portable Scrusher® is built with powder-coated steel and hard maple that’ll last through seasons of outdoor use. Get yourself a Scrusher® or two, and some replacement bristles, and give muddy shoes the brush-off.

  • Portable base to keep Scrusher® in place when cleaning footwear.
  • Six rubber feet prevent scratching.
  • Weather Resistant UV Powder Coated Frame.
  • All Scrusher® boot brushes are made and assembled in the USA.
  • Hard maple wood brush sets to keep the bristles in place year round.
  • Side bristles are made of softer poly, won’t scratch shoes.
  • Bottom bristles thoroughly clean soles of footwear.
  • Long lasting. Brushes are removable and replaceable; click here to order Scrusher® Replacement Brushes.
  • Product Dimensions:
    • Length: 21 3/4″
    • Width: 6 1/4″
    • Height: 5 1/4″
    • Weight: 8 lbs
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